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I-Plant is a plant growing tool for indoors. Since small pots are very weak, I-plant helps to prepare small pots to grow well in nature. After the plant grows enough to live in the nature, they can be removed from this pot and move outdoor. If the plants can not receive enough sunlights because of the bad weather, users can turn on the light which is attached to the handle to help plants to get enough direct lights. 

Idea Sketch

Adjustable Handle: Solar panel can be charged in different directions where the sunlight is coming in

LED Light: Help plants to get more direct light 

Drawer: Easy to drain water out 


Use foam core. plexiglass tube, and cardboard to make three different designs

From three different designs, considering which design will fit best with the purpose of this tool, I decided to go with the last design. Since the last design is flat on the back which is a rectangular shape, plants will receive same amount of sunlight. 

Final Design

Styrene, Wood, Blue Foam, Spackling Paste

IMG_0268 copy_edited.jpg
IMG_0244 copy_edited.jpg
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IMG_0311 copy.jpg
IMG_0304 copy 2.jpg
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