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ASYM, crafted from cherry wood, features an innovative asymmetrical design that challenges conventional aesthetics. The differing heights of its armrests not only create a visually striking profile, but also offer varied ergonomic benefits, catering to different seating preferences. Polished finish highlights the natural grain of the cherry wood, adding warmth and elegance to any room. 


3D printed 25% scaled model

Untitled-1 copy.jpg


IMG_8512 copy.jpg
IMG_8580 copy.jpg
IMG_8582 copy.jpg

Dado cut for seat slot

IMG_8566 copy.jpg
IMG_8573 copy.jpg

Domino joints for legs

IMG_8576 copy.jpg
IMG_8577 copy.jpg
IMG_8588 copy.jpg
IMG_8587 copy.jpg
IMG_8586 copy.jpg

Glue & Clamp

IMG_8598 copy.jpg
IMG_8605 copy.jpg
IMG_8602 copy.jpg

Final Model

IMG_2077-Edit copy 2.jpg
IMG_2153-Edit copy 2.jpg
IMG_2165-Edit copy 2.jpg
IMG_2072-Edit copy 2.jpg
IMG_2155-Edit copy 2.jpg
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