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Lumitime is a revolutionary task management timer that simplifies time tracking with intuitive light signals. Lumitime's design efficiently uses light changes to indicate work and break times, featuring start, pause, and end buttons for simplicity. It employs the Pomodoro technique, dividing work into 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks that then repeat for 4 cycles, after which workers are suggested to take a 15-30 minute break in order to boost focus and productivity.


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This product is a modular design. Each light component is movable , allowing users to rearrange the modules creatively. Two color choices represents two different modes: work time and break time

IMG_2495 copy.jpg

Three different designs for base. 

User Testing

IMG_2961 copy.jpg


- Size? 

       - Easy to grab using one hand 

       - Easy to see (eye level)

- Work mode ON

- Modular design

       - Playful

- How the lights will be present?


IMG_2517 copy.jpg
IMG_2518 copy.jpg
IMG_2513 copy.jpg

3D printed module with LED button lamp on the back and magnets on each side for connection 

Selected five different pastel colors to give playful image for this product 

Spray white paint inside for better light reflection, covered each module with marker paper, color acetate, and frosted acrylic

IMG_3128 2 copy.jpg
IMG_3129 2 copy.jpg
IMG_3161 copy.jpg

Used angle grinder to make organic shape for base 

Final Model

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