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Pin Stool

Pin Stool is made to be used for a dressing table. This stool is made out of velvet cushion for seating to give soft and comfortable feeling. Color of the cushion is customizable and the color points out the room to give modern atmosphere.   

Idea Sketch

I started to sketch out some stools that would be used for dressing table. I tried to explore different shapes

to see which design I would like to move further. 

 stool sketches pick 1 copy.jpg
 stool sketches pick 3 copy.jpg
 stool sketches pick 2 copy.jpg

Prototype: Low-Fi

Use wood, foam core. wire, and yellow foam to make three different designs

Prototype: Mid-Fi

Used clear vinyl tube, gray foam, and brass fasteners


IMG_0799 copy.jpg
IMG_0798 copy.jpg

Started to build shape of the seat using gray foam. Under, there is a wood plate flushing to the foam to support the balance of this chair and helps to connect legs to the seat. To secure the wood plate to the foam, I made a part where wood can fit in to the foam so the plate doesn't move from the seat. 

Since I wanted to use fishmouth joint for legs, I made a joint using 3d printer to connect two tubes together.  I printed out two different joints which is used in different places. 

joint 1.jpg
joint 2.jpg
DSC_0292 copy.jpg
DSC_0294 copy.jpg
DSC_0296 copy.jpg

Final Model

DSC_0280 copy.jpg
DSC_0286 copy.jpg
DSC_0290 copy.jpg
DSC_0291 copy.jpg


stool final light version 1;1 .jpg
top view 1-1.jpg
stool final rendering keyshot.28.jpg
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